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BUILD GREEN - Custom Kits


looking for a panel kit or ways to advance your existing project or add energy efficiency? GET A QUOTE. We offer:

SIP Panels in standard sizes - 4"x8" or 4"x10":


  • Roof panels

  • Wall panels

  • Floor panels

Retrofit Panels:
ideal solution to add energy efficiency to an existing building Some examples of use:


  • Adding insulation to an existing building

  • Retrofitting roofs

  • Replacing outdated wall sections

  • Increasing strength of a building

Pre-cut house kits:
Have your own project or doing a special design and can take care of the rest, we can help you to take your project to the next level:


  • Pre-cut building kits for local installation

  • Includes panel layout and installation sequence

  • Chases for electrical

  • All necessary components for successful installation

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