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Press Release: BlackStar SIPs Launches Affordable and Eco-Conscious Building Solutions

Updated: Feb 12

Elevating Construction Standards: BlackStar SIPs

Launches Affordable and Eco-Conscious Building


The BlackStar Companies unveils new division with BlackStar


Tampa, FL - The BlackStar Companies, LLC (BlackStar)

announces the launch of a new business division called BlackStar

SIPs. BlackStar SIPs is the company’s latest entry into sustainable,

cost-efficient, and high-performance construction solutions for

residential, commercial, and government clients.

According to the Structured Insulated Panel System Associa6on’s

website, “Structural insulated panels are one of the most

environmentally responsible building systems available. A SIP

building envelope provides continuous insulation, is extremely

airtight, allows for better control over indoor air quality, reduces

construction waste, and helps save natural resources.”

“Adding SIPs to our portfolio allows BlackStar to meet the needs

of today’s marketplace and prepares us to meet the future needs

of society for structures that withstand the elements of nature”,

said Les Allen, CEO, of The BlackStar Companies. “We cannot

deny the impact of climate on the construction industry. From

work stoppages, supply chain issues, and the increasing

occurrence of natural disasters that lead to higher insurance

costs. BlackStar SIPs is our counter effect to higher costs from

the impact of climate and continues our tradition of building eco-

friendly buildings and homes.”

SIPs are the future of the construction industry because of their

precision design capability. It creates housing opportunities for

energy efficient structures that are climate resistant. BlackStar’s

Magnesium Sulfate SIPs provide climate resilient structures that

are resistant to earthquakes, mold and mildew, fire, insects, and

can stand up to tornadoes and hurricane speeds up to 250 mph.

BlackStar SIPs has received product approval from The State of

Florida and meets or exceeds all 2020 Building Codes.

About The BlackStar Companies, LLC

The BlackStar Companies (BlackStar) LLC, “Builders of a Better

Future,” is an SBA 8(a) certified contractor specializing in

construction services. With a verifiable record of completing

projects for the federal government and commercial clients since

2015, BlackStar is the only black owned manufacturer of

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The BlackStar Building

Technique combines three independent patented building

technologies: BlackStar SIPs, NexGen BP’s Magnesium Sulfate

MGO Board, and The Bond System to create world-class climate

resilient homes and commercial buildings.

For more information, please visit the company’s website at or follow BlackStar on Facebook and

About BlackStar SIPS

BlackStar SIPs is a building manufacturing system that stands out

for its exceptional strength, energy efficiency, and cost-

effectiveness. SIP walls and roofs are carefully planned and made

with precision in a factory away from the actual building site. Our

panels go up over 50% faster than conventional construction,

reducing time and labor. BlackStar SIPS cuts down on costs

creating a speedier time from design to build.

For more information, please visit

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