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BlackStar SIPS has delivered its first order.

By Les Allen, CEO 


Under our new company, BlackStar SIPs has delivered its first order to a resident in the Gulf Coast of Florida that experienced hurricane damage. Our “Classic” SIPs (plywood-insulation-plywood) will help protect this house against future damages as SIPs are earthquake, fire, tornado, insect, mold and mildew resistant. It is also a hurricane and energy efficient. 

Using SIPS as a key part of any building system is important as the climate experts agree that sea levels and temperatures are expected to rise in the next five years. SIPS material is the perfect building partner in Florida, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Iowa as it helps residences and commercial buildings fight the elements and keeps buildings cooler with its ability to keep the heat out and the cooler air inside. 

Visit BlackStar SIPs website to get a quote. 

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