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Press Release: BlackStar SIPs Receives Florida Product Approval for Climate-Resilient Panels in Preparation for Hurricane Season

Product Approval from the Florida Department of Business and Regulation Reinforces the Reliability of BlackStar SIPs 


Tampa, FL - Hurricane season is approaching and The BlackStar Companies, LLC (BlackStar) newest acquisition, BlackStar SIPs has received Florida Product Approval from the Florida Department of Business and Regulation for its new structured insulated panels.    


BlackStar SIPs manufactures Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) that are used in building commercial and residential structures that stand out for their exceptional strength, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Made of magnesium sulfate, SIPs are resistant to:  

·        Earthquakes,  

·        Mold and mildew,  

·        Fire,  

·        Insects,  

·        They can withstand tornadoes and hurricane speeds up to 250 mph.   


The Florida Department of Business and Regulation administers the Florida Product Approval Number as a measurement to determine if the product meets state rigid requirements including the ability to withstand high-velocity hurricane zones, HVHZ. The approval process included several tests for each type and size of SIP panel that will be used in commercial and residential structures. This process is commonly known in the construction industry as one of the most stringent product approval certifications in the United States. 


“SIPs are getting momentum in the United States because of its affordability and climate resistance,” said Les Allen, President, of The BlackStar Companies. “As one of 18 manufacturers of this building system, Florida’s product approval for BlackStar SIPs is an important milestone for us. Every year, the financial impact of housing knocked down by floods, smattered by hurricanes, or ravaged by wildfires increases.  This approval from Florida lets builders know that BlackStar SIPs is a material that can be trusted especially in disaster-prone areas like Florida.” 


BlackStar SIPs Florida Approval number for panel walls (produced with Oriented Strand Boards or Fiber Reinforced Cement Panels) is FL-44583 and for roofs is FL-44624.  If interested in getting a quote for a new or renovation or understanding more about BlackStar SIPS and the power of climate-friendly construction, please visit the BlackStar SIPs website or email


 About The BlackStar Companies, LLC  

The BlackStar Companies (BlackStar) LLC, “Builders of a Better Future,” is an SBA 8(a) certified contractor specializing in construction services. With a verifiable record of completing projects for the federal government and commercial clients since 2015, BlackStar is the only black-owned manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). The BlackStar Building Technique combines three independent patented building technologies: BlackStar SIPs, NexGen BP’s Magnesium Sulfate MGO Board, and The Bond System to create world-class climate-resilient homes and commercial buildings.    


For more information, please visit the company’s website at or follow BlackStar onFacebook and LinkedIn.  


About BlackStar SIPS  

BlackStar SIPs manufactures Structural Insulated Panels that stand out for their exceptional strength, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. SIP walls and roofs are carefully planned and made with precision in a factory away from the actual building site. Our panels go up over 50% faster than conventional construction, reducing time and labor. BlackStar SIPS cuts down on costs creating a speedier time from design to build.  For more information, please visit   

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