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BlackStar offers many services as part of our preconstruction process including:


  • Estimating

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Planning & Scheduling Programs

  • MEP Review

  • Constructability Review

  • Risk Management

  • Market Analysis

  • Cost and Quality Control




Throughout the construction process, we offer additional services, consultation, and guidance on items such as:


  • LEED Certification Pursuance

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Change Order Management

  • Labor Relations

  • Self-Perform

  • Ongoing Quality and Safety Programs



A project isn’t complete just because the construction phase is done. BlackStar offers additional services to help ensure a successful handoff of your building and ongoing success for the project including:


  • One-Year Walkthrough

  • Project Closeout web site pre-populated with building data

  • O&M Manuals & Warranty Information hand-off

  • Lien Releases

  • Commissioning

  • Lien Releases

  • O&M Manuals & Warranty Inofrmation Hand-off

  • Project Closeout web site pre-populated with building data

  • One-Year Walkthrough

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