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BOND SYSTEM - Attributes & Benefits


  • Hurricane & Earthquake Resistant.

  • Fire, Termite & Insect Resistant.

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant.

  • Steel Reinforced Shotcrete Structure in which the Floors, Footers, & Bond Walls are Unified.

  • We use 3,000 PSI concrete mix and apply it to the walls using a shotcrete machine, hence creating 6000-6500 PSI shotcrete walls that are impervious to impact and impenetrable by moisture.

  • Compact for Economical Shipping to All Parts of the World. The Bond Components for sixty-four 600 sq. ft. homes can be shipped in a single 20 ft. container.

  • Rapid Construction on Site with Minimal Skill Level. Three to four workers, only one of which must have minimal construction experience, can complete the shell of a 600 sq. ft. house in just five days with minimal tools.

  • Cost Effective. The shell of a Bond Structure will generally cost you a little less to erect than to do so with concrete blocks, but the Bond structure will be much stronger and can be completed much faster; and, “time is money”!

  • “Force Protection” for Government & Military Projects.

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